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MHSDA Membership Categories

Senior Members:

Senior Members of the Metropolitan Healthcare Security Directors Association, Inc. are those who are working full-time in our industry. They may operate at the management or other level within their organizations. They may be Security Directors, Managers, Operations Leaders or working in other leadership or subordinate positions where security and safety are primary responsibilities. Senior members may also be individuals who have worked in healthcare security and now have retired or are no longer employed directly in the industry or by services/goods suppliers.

Senior Members can run for any open Board positions after one full year of membership.

Associate Members:

Associate Members of the Metropolitan Healthcare Security Directors Association, Inc. are those who supply goods and services to our industry or who are employees of companies that supply goods and services to our industry. Thus, there may be several associate members from any given company.

The management of a corporation can also choose to have the company listed as an Associate Member. There is a separate charge for company membership but it is particularly useful if suppliers wish to sponsor MHDSA events, include MHSDA affiliation in their advertising, advertise in the MHSDA newsletter: CLIPBOARD, and be in future MHSDA website advertising.

Associate membership may also include persons who have demonstrated an interest in the organization and the industry and have other security leadership credentials but are not currently employed in the healthcare field.

Associate Members can run for open Board positions after two full years of membership. Associate Members are limited to making up no more than 40% of the Board.

Additional Considerations:

From time to time the Board may invite college graduate and undergraduate students to participate in specific MHSDA activities or invite others to be part of specific MHSDA projects where the Board deems that it is in the best interest of the Association. However, these additional individuals do not have voting rights. Should they wish to join MHSDA, they must meet qualifications and go through the regular application process.