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Metropolitan Healthcare Security Directors Association

Greetings from our President

"Welcome to Metropolitan Healthcare Security Directors Association. With the accelerated changes going on in the entire healthcare industry, there are more reasons today than ever before for joining us and being part of this organization. The Association brings together active healthcare security practitioners, consultants with a wide breadth of industry experience, college and graduate-level academics, and outstanding service and product suppliers. We share information about the challenges we face, we keep informed with to-the-minute security alerts and educational programs, and we identify best practices and useful presentations that we can borrow and modify for our individual needs. We look forward to welcoming you as part of MHSDA. Let us know how we can be of assistance."

— Joseph Sweeney

President, Metropolitan Healthcare Security Directors Association


Over 65 Years of Healthcare Security Partnerships

Established in 1950, the Association brings together security and safety professionals who address the protection needs of hospitals, clinics, medical offices, nursing homes and other care facilities throughout the region. 
Although MHSDA began with a focus only on the New York Metropolitan area, as our membership has accepted positions over a wider geographic area, we have incorporated their input and continue to learn from their experiences. We welcome new members from the entire region and look forward to your participation.

MHSDA Helps Unite Security Directors with critical Corporate Partners

  • Security Directors

    "This is the premier organization for healthcare security. The ability to connect with so many in our field, share best practices, introduce members that share common challenges, and providing solutions - that's what this organization does and that's what sets us apart from the others. When you join MHSDA you instantly connect with an expanded network of healthcare security professionals and you are able to quickly share critical information."

    Anthony Notaroberta Senior Director, System-wide Security and Hospital Police 
    New York City Health + Hospitals
  • MHSDA Corporate Partners

    "Participating in MHSDA has proven very valuable. Their networking events have given us the opportunity to meet and establish working relationships with the top healthcare security directors in the region."

    Daniel Krantz CEO 
    Real-Time Technology Group
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