Answers to Your Questions

Some of your Questions:

Q. What is MHSDA?

The Metropolitan Healthcare Security Directors Association (MHSDA) was established in 1950. The Association brings together security and safety professionals who address the protection needs of hospitals, clinics, medical offices, nursing homes and other care facilities throughout the region. Although MHSDA began with a focus only on the New York Metropolitan area, as our membership has accepted positions over a wider geographic area, we have incorporated their input and continue to learn from their experiences. We welcome new members from the entire region and look forward to your participation.


Q. How do I become a member?

It's easy to become a member: click the Membership Application link below and submit the online form. The MHSDA Board will review your application, contact you regarding payment, and upon approval you will receive your membership card and certificate. Membership is renewed annually.

Application for Membership


Q. What are the benefits to becoming a member?

Click here for Membership Benefits

Q. What does it cost to join?

There are two categories of membership. One is for those actively involved in healthcare security and the other category is for those who provide services and products for the healthcare security industry. Senior membership - for those actively working in healthcare security is $125 per year. Associate membership is available for those who sell products and services and is $250 per year.


Q. If I joined IAHSS, am I also a paid member with MHSDA?

No. MHSDA, while affiliated with IAHSS, is a separate and distinct association requiring its own membership.


Q. Who are the board members and how do I reach them?

Click here to see our Board of Directors

Q. How do I advertise on the MHSDA website or newsletter?

Please contact us at using the address below.


Q. What events are scheduled and how do I register?

Click below to view current and upcoming events. You can register for an event on this page.

Events page

Q. What are the criteria to nominate someone for an MHSDA Outstanding Security award?

Download the Award Nomination Form

Q. Who do I contact for more information?

Submit your questions to us using the address below any time. We will get back to you ASAP.


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