Unify and Optimize: Get “more” from your Security Operations

November 15

MHSDA Session at ISC East

As security needs evolve, healthcare institutions have responded and added building applications over time. Over the past twenty years, hospitals have reacted to unrivaled workplace violence challenges, internal failures, near misses, and emerging global threats. While the concept of adding multiple security enhancements over time was a positive development, the reality is that some “reactive” security operation decisions sometimes lacked foresight, were hampered by budgetary limitations, or were simply inherited by several security administrations over time.
The good news is that it is not too late to be “proactive,” map out a plan, and optimize what you already have in place as a starting point. An MHSDA expert panel will discuss how to navigate the technical stuff and provide a simplified explanation as to how hospital security directors can increase efficiency and response times.

Speaker: Paul F. Benne, PSP, CPOI - President, Sentinel Consulting, LLC
Paul is a 35-year veteran of the security industry. Paul brings a comprehensive knowledge of security technology and operations best practices. He has an easily understood way of explaining complex subjects and processes related to the business of security. Paul is the president of Sentinel Consulting, LLC a security consulting, engineering, and specialty services firm in NYC.

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