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Welcome to the Metropolitan Healthcare Security Directors Association (MHSDA)

Established in 1950, the Association brings together security and safety professionals who address the protection needs of hospitals, clinics, medical offices, nursing homes and other care facilities throughout the region.

Although MHSDA began with a focus only on the New York Metropolitan area, as our membership has accepted positions over a wider geographic area, we have incorporated their input and continue to learn from their experiences. We welcome new members from the entire region and look forward to your participation.

Developed by professionals with decades of law enforcement and healthcare security leadership experience, Metropolitan Healthcare Security Directors Association introduces MHSDA Academy.

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MHSDA Corporate Partners

Healthcare Headlines

MHSDA announces a new Partnership with National Healthcare ED and Calhoun

When vendor employees are competent and well informed on the intricacies of working in healthcare facilities, hospital staff can focus on performing their jobs without interruptions. Priority One is Healthcare Vendor Employee Competency Training that covers many topics including Infection Control Risk Assessment, Proper Construction of Negative Pressure Dust Containments and ILSM.

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MHSDA Solutions

MHSDA provides a wide variety of healthcare security consultant services. We present objective and balanced perspectives based on proven security best practices and industry accepted standards and guidelines. 
Our services include: 
• Unit-based Active Shooter training  
• Executive-level tabletop exercises 
• Management consulting  
• Workplace Violence Prevention training 
• Regulatory compliance 
• Expert witness services 
• Risk assessments of a single department (e.g. Emergency Room) or entire campus 
• Comprehensive facility-wide healthcare security review 
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Workplace Violence & Harassment in Healthcare Education

Topics Covered: 
1) Sexual harassment in the healthcare work environment 
2) Bullying in the healthcare work environment 
3) Violence in the healthcare work environment 
PLUS you earn CME's and CE's 
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Check out some of our Member Reviews
  • As director of our hospital's security/public safety teams, I've found MHSDA membership valuable. It's helped me connect with an expanded network of healthcare security professionals and we are able to quickly share critical information.

    Anthony Notaroberta Senior Associate Director, Metropolitan Hospital Center
  • Participating in MHSDA has proven very valuable. Their networking events have given us the opportunity to meet and establish working relationships with the top healthcare security directors in the region.

    Daniel Krantz CEO, Real-Time Technology Group
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